Cable clutter

There are many areas in metro line M3 where even in its operational days only the experts and members of the maintenance staff are allowed to enter.

Construction works underground

People tend to believe that those things they don’t see are non existent. However it is quite the opposite about the construction of metro line M3. Although little activites can be noted above ground, majority of the happenings take place under the ground.


What is happening behind the closed doors?

People experience something of the M3 metro line reconstruction on a daily basis – mostly above ground. Besides replacement buses many situation which occur with a development this big.



Just like a film set...

You can hardly compare the metro stations with their former self now that they are under reconstruction. Removal of cladding, reshaping the service areas put a really distinctive mark on the image of the stations. You could easily imagine yourself in a film set - if it wouldn’t be obvious where were the photos taken.

For the pictures of the current underground works click here.



Expected changes

As a part of a comprehensive reconstruction on the new line, a modern truck will be built, there will be a complete electrical reconstruction, the safety equipement will be replaced, the train control system and conductor systems will be replaced, the passenger areas and the stations will be renovated​. The renovation of the trains have already started. The first refurbished trains have been in operation since March of 2017.